A lot of medical information is available on internet these days but theres no regulation about its validity. some of the treatment options seen on internet may not be properly tested or trialled and could be seen bieng recommended and performed by individuals who may not be necessarily appropriately trained in knee suregery or may not be experienced enough.

Knee conditions are best treated by knee specialists like myself who have gained specialist training and experience in knee surgery . Non surgical/surgical treatment options requires a well considered,informed and weighted process of decision making in light of the pros and cons and risk of complications against the benefits to be expected, and that is where specially trained and experienced surgeons like myself can help in providing clarity to patients.

The information and advice given here is based on my own views based on specialist training in orthopaedics including fellowship training in knee surgery from a prestigious and renowned centre , also encompassing the extensive experience I have gathered in general and specialist orthopaeics over a long period of time.
Management options and treatments need to be individualised based on various factors and that’s were the blend of experience and specialist training takes even more importance.

I have tried to briefly explain common knee problems with management options in simple terms for ease of understanding by lay people.